Since our founding in 2002, we have trained more than a thousand educators to teach the Kendore Learning way. Our most popular workshops are described below. If you are interested in a course that is not currently available, let us know. We would be happy to talk to you about setting up a new workshop or coming to you for onsite training. We provide training nationwide. Just ask!

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Kendore Kingdom

Reading Training

Kendore Kingdom Reading Curriculum Teacher TrainingIn this three-day workshop, participants learn the skills necessary to teach the Kendore Kingdom — a complete, Orton-Gillingham based, K-2 language arts curriculum. Topics include phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle (phonics), vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. The Kendore Kingdom workshop uses multisensory methods that support classroom and special education teachers, reading specialists, and paraprofessionals in presenting reading instruction. Teachers and students become involved in a process of learning in a fun, yet cognitive way that retrains the brain and lasts a lifetime.  Continuous assessments guide educators in making decisions regarding implementation for a differentiated delivery model.

Workshop Participants receive:

  • Teacher Manual (available in three different levels)
  • Phonemic Awareness Materials
  • Guidelines for Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Activity Index
  • Game Black Line Masters
  • Fluency Drills
  • Controlled Vocabulary Stories
  • Syllabication Worksheets
  • Phoneme/Grapheme Mapping Keys
  • Recent Reading Research Articles
  • Credit to purchase multisensory classroom materials of participant’s choice:
    • Games for sound, sight word and vocabulary instruction
    • Phonetic and Non-Phonetic Bulletin Board
    • Card Decks Reinforcing Literacy Concepts (10 decks, hundreds of games)
    • Sound Track Phoneme Mats and Chips
    • Super Sized Sound Blending Cards
    • Super Sized Syllable Blending Cards
    • Gel Boards
    • Sand Trays, Gel Trays
    • Much More!
  • Professional Learning Units (optional)

Multisensory Spelling

Kendore Learning offers Multisensory Spelling Workshops.


During this one-day workshop, we teach 12 unforgettable rules that will remove, “that’s just something you have to memorize” from your lexicon. These simple rules are presented in a fun, “clock face” story format and enable students to successfully spell thousands of words.  Make memorizing word lists a thing of the past and leave with strategies and materials you can use immediately with students of any age.

Kendore Keystone

Kendore Keystone Reading Training3rd – 12th Grade Intervention

Kendore Keystone provides an intensive remediation program for struggling readers in grades 3 – 12. Based on the Kendore Kingdom reading curriculum, Kendore Keystone is a multisensory, Orton-Gillingham based program that can be provided to students in as little as two hours per week. Teachers can use Kendore Keystone one-on-one, in a small group, or in a whole classroom setting. This three-day workshop teaches the fundamentals provided in Kendore Kingdom and also includes advanced concepts for older students, including syllabication and Greek and Latin roots.

Kendore Teacher Certification

Kendore Learning Certified TeacherKendore-trained teachers are offered the opportunity to become Kendore Certified Multisensory Structured Language Teachers. Kendore Certified Teachers develop a depth and breadth of knowledge that enhances their classroom work and allows them to achieve mastery. The Kendore Certification process is rigorous (taking approximately two years), and includes the following:

  • Completion of Kendore Kingdom Part I and Part II workshops
  • Passing of final course exam with a 90% or better
  • Extensive hours of practicum work
  • Observations by Kendore Instructors (including detailed feedback sessions)
  • Lesson plan development and implementation
  • Extensive independent reading and research


Kendore Learning Writing Workshops for TeachersThis hands-on workshop explores useful strategies for developing students’ writing skills. Topics include idea generation, grammar and sentence structure as it applies to developing student writing, paragraph and essay development, and proofreading and revising techniques. This structured, sequential approach to developing students’ writing skills is beneficial for teachers of writing in all disciplines. Participants practice with the various teaching strategies introduced and learn techniques they can apply the very next day in their classrooms.


Dyslexia Assessment 101

Teaching conducting reading and dyslexia assessment.This one day workshop provides an overview of the characteristics of dyslexia and how to help students before they fail. Participants will receive:

  • Hands-on Assessment Training
  • Intervention Strategies and Accommodations
  • Data Collection and Graphing Instruction


Reading Simulation

Kendore Learning Dylsexia Simulation helps teachers understand what it's like to struggle to read.What if you could get inside the brain of a child who struggles to read and write? How would it feel to understand first-hand the child’s frustration?  What if you could learn real strategies to help you address not only their frustrations but your own? During this one-day workshop, we bring to light the difficulties that students face when reading and writing does not come naturally. This eye-opening, hands-on workshop is guaranteed to produce many “ah-ha moments” for participants, who will leave with proven strategies for helping dyslexic students as well as typical learners.