One School’s Experience

Sawnee Elementary School, Forsyth County, Georgia

Teachers and administrators at Sawnee Elementary School in in Fosyth County, Georgia did their homework before adopting the Kendore Kingdom curriculum in their K-2 classrooms.

The year before they brought Kendore on board, Sawnee implemented three reading programs, including the Kendore Kingdom. Administrators performed assessments, collected data, and were impressed by the results. Students in Kendore Learning classrooms experienced more than double the academic growth that was experienced in non-Kendore classrooms.

Kendore Kingdom bulletin boards spotted at Sawnee Elementary.
Kendore Kingdom bulletin boards spotted at Sawnee Elementary.

During the summer, all Sawnee K – 1 teachers and several additional teachers attended Kendore Kingdom workshops. When school started they hit the ground running and are in full swing — teaching beginning concepts to their students. First grade teacher Jennifer Marshall notes, “Kids are excited about phonics. And teachers are noticing amazing reading improvements within the first few weeks of the school year.”

The Kendore Learning approach has expanded beyond reading: teachers report using multisensory activities and Kendore ideas in their instruction for other subjects. At Kendore Learning, we continue to support Sawnee throughout the year, providing additional professional development and being available for questions and technical assistance.

What Students are Saying

Thank you, Sawnee Elementary, for sharing these sweet student testimonials with us. Note: we removed student names to protect privacy.

“I use the Vowel Valley to help me spell.” 

“It helps me read better!” 

“It teaches us new reading stuff every single day.”

“I like vowel valley because it tells me what I need to know about words.” 

“We get to take [virtual] trips and learn.” 

“I like Sound Stretches because you get to move a lot.”