Professional Development

Kendore Learning offers Professional Development workshops tailored to the specific needs of individual schools and their staff. From two-hour workshops to our Onsite Comprehensive Partnerships, we structure Professional Development experiences that provide the greatest reward for teachers and students.

Not sure what you need? Give us a call and we will brainstorm with you over the phone or in person. Prior to any Professional Development engagement, we meet with school leaders to discuss staff and school needs. Together we develop a plan for teacher growth and improvement.

Available Options

Professional Development Topics

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Morphology
  • High Frequency Words
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Assessment
  • Make and Take Activities
  • Behavior
  • Study Skills
  • Response To Intervention (RTI)
  • Virtual Structured Literacy Instruction

Possible Topics

Making Irregular Words Regular: Fun Ways to Make High Frequency Words Stick 

Learn how to teach high frequency words by phonetic pattern, frequency, etymology, and linguistic category during your structured literacy lessons. Participants will learn methods to reduce rote memorization and leave with multisensory activities that will make irregular words regular. 

Breakout Session at the International Dyslexia Association 2023 Annual Reading, Learning, & Literacy National Conference.  

So Many Words, So Little Time 

Teachers are always racing against the clock, trying to provide students with the tools they need to become successful readers and writers. Learn how to teach more efficiently by layering phonology, morphology, and other critical skills into your instruction regardless of grade. Participants will gain time-saving strategies for building vocabulary and spelling capability.  

Presented at the Center for Literacy & Learning 2022 Plain Talk Annual Conference 

Putting Research Into PLAY: Hands-on, multisensory games and activities that reinforce research-based best practices. 

Current memory research tells us that dyslexic students need extensive repetition to cement concepts into memory and that when students’ senses are engaged, repetition time can be substantially reduced. Learn practical ideas and solutions for teaching dyslexic students through multisensory games and activities. Attendees will leave understanding not only how to teach in a in a multisensory way, but why multisensory learning and reinforcement is crucial for dyslexic students.   

Lecture at the IDA Los Angeles Branch 2023 Language and Literacy Conference 

Applying Science of Reading (SoR) Strategies to Instruction 

Learn how to systematically incorporate the Science of Reading (SoR) research into instruction to increase effectiveness. By following the science, we can close the gap for learners falling behind their peers. Attendees will gain strategies that benefit all students and are life-changing for those with learning differences.   

Presented at the 2023 Power of Reading Summit at the Indiana State University Bayh College of Education 

Dyslexia 101 

Learn how to determine if dyslexia is affecting a student and what strategies can help, why identifying dyslexia is so important, and how multisensory structured literacy instruction is the key to helping students overcome this challenge. As more states enact legislation to ensure students with dyslexia receive appropriate interventions, it’s crucial to understand the instructional strategies that will make a difference. 

Presented at the 2023 Power of Reading Summit at the Indiana State University Bayh College of Education 

Best Friends: Why Phonology and Morphology Should Always Stick Together 

Phonology and morphology are inextricably linked: the sounds and symbols we use in our language directly relate to word meaning. Learn how to teach phonology and morphology simultaneously to help students recognize patterns that unlock word meanings. With this approach, students will discover that our language makes sense, and they develop a rich vocabulary and successful spelling habits.  

Presented at the 2021 Big Sky Literacy Summit 

Multisensory Teaching Strategies

Looking for a budget-friendly way to increase the effectiveness of your existing curriculum? The Kendore team can show your staff how to layer multisensory teaching strategies onto your existing platform. Regardless of the curriculum you use, our methods will decrease repetition time and make learning memorable and efficient for your students. We will customize our engagement to meet your unique needs and equip your teachers with tools and techniques they can use immediately in the classroom.