One School’s Experience

A Plan for Each Student

Centennial Academy, Atlanta, GA

Centennial Academy Principal Alison Shelton has a vision: that 100% of her students read at or above grade level. Ms. Shelton recognizes that reading fluency and all that accompanies it (improved comprehension, vocabulary, writing and spelling skills, and oral expression) are critical for her students’ success in school and throughout their lives.

When Centennial Academy became an Atlanta Public Charter School, Ms. Shelton and her Board of Directors asked Kendore Learning to help them administer their ambitious literacy program.

Student Assessment and Intervention

Kendore Literacy Lab at Centennial Place Academy in Atlanta GATeachers and the Kendore Learning team begain by pretesting every student in grades K – 6 to obtain a baseline measure of where each student stands. Our team used this critical data to group students in the classroom and to determine who will receive one-on-one intervention in the Literacy Lab, which is staffed by Kendore Learning Reading Therapists (see below).

For each student, we developed a written Instructional Plan, which serves as the foundation for the support they receive throughout the year. We closely monitor student progress throughout the year (including reassessments at the half-year and year-end mark) to make sure each student is achieving his or her goals and reaching designated milestones.

Teacher Training and Support

Over the summer, the Kendore Learning training room was bustling with Centennial Academy Teachers learning to teach Kendore’s multisensory, systematic reading curriculum. During the school year, Kendore provides on-site support to Centennial’s educators. Teachers also attend Kendore Learning Certification classes throughout the year to ensure mastery of content and fidelity of curriculum.

The Literacy Lab

The Literacy Lab at Centennial Academy is Kendore Learning’s pride and joy! It’s a fun place to learn, and students look forward to visiting us for assessments and one-on-one intervention. Kendore Learning Reading Therapists staff the Literacy Lab. Our individualized instruction targets specific learning challenges and allows teachers to keep their classes moving.

Ms. Shelton and her team tell their students to work to become “heroes.”  These motivated kids are well on their way. And Kendore Learning is happy to be there each step of the way.