About Us

At Kendore Learning, we believe that all students benefit from a systematic, multisensory approach to learning.  And we believe that this approach belongs in the classroom.

To bring multisensory, systematic learning to schools, Reading Specialist Jennifer Hasser developed the Kendore Learning curriculum (formerly called “SMART”) in 2002. Kendore Kingdom and Kendore Keystone, our comprehensive, Structured Literacy based reading curriculum, have been adopted with resounding success by public and private schools. In addition to teaching educators to teach reading the Kendore way, Kendore Learning facilitates teacher training in math, writing and spelling.

Kendore Learning is also known for our unique and effective materials for use in the classroom and at home.  Kendore Kingdom and Kendore Keystone are supported by a comprehensive set of teachers manuals, workbooks and classroom materials.  Tutors and parents also use our teaching tools when working one-on-one with students.  Kendore Learning’s multisensory materials teach and reinforce knowledge in fun and effective ways.