Whisper Phone Element XL

You'll be the coolest teacher in school when you encourage students to use their phones in class. Your students might not think that the Whisper Phone is as amazing as the latest iPhone -- but it sure is close!

Position one end of the Whisper Phone at the mouth and the other end at the ear -- just like a telephone. When students read with Whisper Phone, they will hear their voice amplified through the earpiece, allowing them to self-check and self-correct.

Whisper Phone is an interactive learning tool that transforms reading from a hum-drum chore into a multisensory learning experience that increases the opportunity to improve pronunciation and enunciation.

  • Durable construction for years of classroom or home use.
  • Shape fits perfectly and comfortably between students' ears and mouths (unlike some DIY models).
  • Because students must whisper or speak softly to use their Whispy, they can use them in a group setting without distracting classmates.
  • Excellent for phonics, fluency, and speech practice. 
  • No need to plug in or recharge batteries.
  • Part of the Kendore Learning collection of multisensory teaching tools.


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