Multisensory Strategies for Reading Success (1-Day) (Onsite or Distance Learning) Atlanta, GA: Feb. 12, 2020


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Research shows that when we engage the senses of our students, they are more likely to remember what they are taught. In this lively workshop, we will provide practical ideas, multisensory games, and activities to make instruction efficient and effective. You will learn unforgettable visual, auditory, and kinesthetic strategies you can put into place immediately to meet each child where they are and bring instruction to life.

Our multisensory strategies and games can easily be layered onto your existing teaching platform to make learning memorable and efficient for your students. With each activity we present, we will discuss the research that not only supports the subject matter taught, but also supports the connection between multisensory teaching and working/phonological memory. You will leave this 1-day Multisensory Strategies workshop understanding not only how to teach in a multisensory way, but why multisensory learning and reinforcement is crucial for all readers.

Because we stand behind the research that shows hands-on learning is effective learning, this workshop will be engaging and participatory.  Attendees will be “students” and will actively take part in the activities and games we will introduce. 

1 Day Workshop:  8:30 am - 3:30 pm

One day workshops can be combined with longer workshops for PLU credit.

NEW! Unable to attend in person? This class is also available via Distance Learning. Join this workshop using a laptop, desktop computer with web camera, or smart phone with video and texting capabilities.

Appropriate for teachers & parents of all ages.

Cost: $99.00 per person. Payment or purchase order is required to confirm registration.  Early registration is highly recommended.


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