KLiC - Moving from Muddled to Magical-Building Prerequisite Skills for Oral and Written Expression: June 17, 2021


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Moving from Muddled to Magical - Building Prerequisite Skills for Oral and Written Expression

Thursday, June 17th 2:00-4:00pm EDT - KLiC (Kendore Learning Instructional Community)


A student’s ability to hold information in their working memory is critical for planning, sequencing, and organizing information. All these skills are requirements for the development of oral and written communication. Writing instruction is more successful if these building blocks are solid. In our latest free webinar for educators and parents, Jennifer Hasser will walk participants through engaging activities that boost the prerequisite skills needed to develop successful oral and written communication skills. These activities are easy to implement during group or one-on-one instruction.

During our optional KLiC (Kendore Learning Instructional Community), attendees will be provided with the materials used for these working memory activities and learn how to adjust them for any age. During this interactive session, participants will learn how to use the materials with their students virtually and in person.

Webinars and KLiCs will not be recorded for replay. Registration will close one hour before the start time. Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance and materials via email after the event within 2-3 days. 



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