KLiC - Beneath the Surface of Words - A Deeper Look Into Spelling, Starting with Morphology: February 24, 2022


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KLiC - Beneath the Surface of Words: A Deeper Look into Spelling, Starting with Morphology

Stay on this page to register for the optional KLiC (Kendore Learning Instructional Community). This interactive session builds upon the topic covered during our "Beneath the Surface of Words" webinar on Monday, February 21st.


Thursday, February 24th 7:00-9:00pm EDT 

Guest Presenter: Sue Scibetta Hegland

The English language has an unfair reputation of being confusing, nonsensical, and difficult to learn. When we take a deeper look at words by exploring their morphological framework, we discover that there’s a meaningful structure that makes sense. By outlining the connection between morphology and spelling for our students, we can help them rely less upon rote memorization!

During our optional KLiC (Kendore Learning Instructional Community), Sue and Jennifer will provide attendees with strategies for integrating the concepts outlined during the webinar into existing spelling instruction. They will engage in a lively conversation about the meanings behind words and demonstrate how to scaffold this knowledge for students of different levels. Sue will help attendees understand the knowledge within her book and how to use it. Participants will receive a copy of Beneath the Surface of Words. Our KLiC is a small-group interactive training designed to focus on the application of the information covered during the webinar. 

Can't join us for the KLiC? Follow this link to purchase Beneath the Surface of Words!

Registration will close one hour before the start time. Upon registration, we will mail a copy of the book to the mailing address you provide. Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance via email after the event. 


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