FREE Dyslexia Simulation In-Person Milton, GA: October 23, 2023

Dyslexia Simulation

FREE Workshop + Q&A Session

Monday, October 23rd

7:00-8:30pm EDT (Eastern)

Milton, GA


Please register to attend this free, in-person simulation:  


Learning the relationship between written symbols (letters) and sounds (phonemes) does not come easily to everyone. This eye-opening dyslexia simulation will shed light on the difficulties a struggling reader faces. By experiencing the struggle, we can better understand and advocate for our children & students.

This free event will occur in-person in Milton, GA. The simulation and question & answer session will be led by Jennifer Hasser, M.Ed., the founder and Executive Director of Syllables Learning Center. We encourage parents, educators, administrators, and family members or friends to attend. We ask that you register in advance so that we can prepare for the number of attendees interested in joining us in Milton.


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