Words, Words, Words: Vocabulary/Decoding, July 18-19 2016

July 18 - 19, 2016

Recognizing that most schooling provides decoding at only the primary level, this workshop picks up where basic word attack leaves off. In fourth or fifth grade, students are introduced to textbooks filled with longer, multisyllabic words. In early high school, the caliber and complexity of that reading increases substantially. Even with effective basic phonics instruction, readers are often unable to handle both the increased quantity of text and its complexity. Participants briefly examine the origins of our language, learn about characteristics of the major languages of influence, look over basic word parts, and study some effective tools for instructing students in this valuable area. Tools such as these help the student whose word decoding abilities have plateaued to move to the next level -- for decoding, vocabulary development, and ultimately comprehension.

Course materials include a reference manual and a set of final stable syllable cards -- a $50 value!

Presenter: William VanCleave, Educational Consulting, W.V.C.ed

2 days - 1 PLU - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

If you would like PLU's please select a PLU item for purchase along with this training.

Location: Syllables Learning Center Alpharetta Office

Cost: $325.00


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