Kendore Kits: Tactile Trio with Spelling Beads, Smart Sand and Quicksand

Reinforce multisensory learning with our Tactile Trio. Three different materials engage the senses and make dictation fun and effective.

The Tactile Trio consists of three Kendore Kits, each packaged in an 8.5 x 10.5 tin tray with a securely fitting lid.

Smart Sand

Two-toned sand is dual-textured, allowing the thicker black sand to reveal the finer green sand underneath. Students write with their finger for a multisensory experience.

Spelling Beads

Bright orange beads sparkle and rattle as students write letters and words with their fingers.


Quicksand is a blend of sand and polymer that never dries out! Mold or “drip” letters or words onto the tray. You can use a dry erase marker to create an outline if your student needs guidance.

Note: Though Kendore Kits are sturdy, they can dent if stacked underneath a heavy object. Take care to protect the trays when carrying in a bookbag with other materials. 


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  • Model: KL139

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