Gel Board

A fun, no-mess way to practice handwriting, dictation, and more. 

Our gel board is the perfect size -- big enough to write words but small enough to tuck in a desk or backpack. Write magically with magnetic stylus (included), and erase by rubbing with your finger. The lighter you write, the darker the image appears -- encouraging a gentle pencil grip!* You can use your gel board over and over again for years! Keep them in the classroom, or use them on the go. Parents, gel boards keep active minds and hands busy during car rides or while in waiting rooms and restuarants.

  • 8.5" x 7"
  • Soft Backing
  • White magnetic stylus included

Note: please write gently! "Carving" into the gel board with the stylus can damage the board's surface.


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  • Model: KL110

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