Dry Erase Blocks

Create your own learning games with Dry Erase Blocks. Stack them like building blocks, or roll them like dice. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Set includes four sturdy blocks that will last for years of play. A black dry erase marker is included, but we recommend using Wonder Stix dry erase crayons for smudge-free, mess-free, colorful fun.

  • Four 3 x 3 blocks, each with six dry-erase surfaces
  • Assorted colors: Lime, Teal, Orange and Purple
  • Includes black dry erase marker and instruction sheet


Game Ideas

  • Phonemic Awareness: As students are building their phonemic awareness skills, write consonants on two blocks and vowels on one block. Have students line up the blocks to build consonant/vowel/consonant words. Or, have them roll the dice to form real or nonsense words. Reminder: only use sounds that have been introduced to students. Remember to include digraphs and vowel teams if they have been taught!
  • Morphemic Awareness: Fill the blocks with prefixes, roots and suffixes. Have students build a word and then see how the word changes as they flip the block. For instance re-form-er can be changed to re-port-er or re-form-ed. 
  • Syllable Types: Write examples of syllables on the blocks. Have students roll the dice and identify the syllable type. Have them put the syllables together to form nonsense words.
  • Math: Write arithmatic symbols on one block and numbers on two blocks. Have the students roll all three blocks and solve the equation that results.


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