Student Multisensory Instruction Kit

We've gathered the must-have manipulatives you need for instruction! With our Student Multisensory Instruction Kit, you can practice dictation, spelling, phonemic awareness activities and more. White boards with dry erase crayons help students share information easily with their teacher or tutor. Spelling beads and a tactile grid keep learning multisensory and engaging. Our handy pencil case keeps things organized.

Kit includes the following:

  • 1 Double-sided dry erase board for use with WonderStix (one side white, one side gray)
  • 2 WonderStix dry erase crayons (colors vary)
  • Microfiber cloth for dry erase cleanup (color varies)
  • 8.5 x 3 Tactile grid to make tactile letters and words (color varies)
  • Red crayon and green crayon -- use with grid to make tactile letters
  • Sound Track with 10 spots (see video below for demonstration)
  • Dot and Jot phoneme/grapheme mapping activity
  • Spelling Beads with Tactile Tin
  • Whisper Phone
  • Pencil Case


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  • Model: GRP511

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