Criminal Red Word Book Set: High-Frequency, Non-Phonetic Sight Words, Level A


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Gather your tools and evidence, follow the trail, and fingerprint the suspect! With Kendore's Criminal Red Word Book, students become sleuths investigating non-phonetic sight words.

Most sight word lists do not distinguish between phonetic and non-phonetic words. Students are asked to memorize high-frequency words regardless of whether those words follow phonics rules. When we remove phonetic words from the list of words that have to be memorized, we reduce the cognative burden on our students and we make things easier on ourselves!

Use this spiral-bound book of reproducible masters to reinforce "criminal words" -- those non-phonetic sight words that break the rules. This systematic approach to teaching non-phonetic sight words is organized alphabetically, by frequency. It mirrors the Kendore Kingdom sequence, but can be used with any curriculum. Arrows and numbers on each letter reinforce proper letter formation and handwritng. Level A is sized appropriately for K - 1 students.

Smart Sleuth Fingerprint Ink and a Tactile Grid complete the multisensory experience and allow students to practice word spacing. 

  • Reproducable master
  • 102 sight words, one blank template
  • Non-phonetic words taken from Fry and Dolch Word Lists
  • Instructions included for effective and memorable sight-word practice
  • Smart Sleuth Ink helps students practice word spacing. No mess -- disappears from fingers.
  • Tactile Grid may be cut into four strips to serve multiple students.
  • Level A is appropriate for K-1 students
  • Model: KL106

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