Word Teasers -- Urban Legends

Can you separate fact from fiction? Word Teasers Urban Legends will keep you guessing while honing your logical reasoning skills. This little black box contains 150 conversation starters discussing common urban legends. Pull a card from the box, and let the debate begin. Can swallowing Pop Rocks and soda cause your stomach to explode? Was Marilyn Monroe the inspiration for Peter Pan's Tinkerbell? Flip the card to find out.

Teachers and tutors: use Word Teasers one-on-one or in the classroom. Parents: use Word Teasers at the dinner table, in the car, or when waiting for a table at a restaurant!  

  • 150 urban legends/conversation starters
  • 3" x 3" cards printed on durable card stock
  • Colorful box with secure lid
  • Fun for the whole family or classroom


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  • Model: OV619

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