Word Teasers -- Funny Sports Sayings (Idioms)

Building language fluency in reading and written expression requires an understanding of figurative language and idioms (expressions with meanings that are different from literal interpretations).  However, students with reading struggles and dyslexia often have trouble understanding the meaning behind abstract terms such as "calling the shots," or "sticky wicket."

Help your student build their understanding of idioms with Word Teasers Funny Sayings 2: Sports Idioms. This little green box contains 150 conversation starters featuring commonly used sports idioms and their meanings. Learn the origin of many sports-related idioms that are used in everyday conversation.

Teachers and tutors: use Word Teasers one-on-one or in the classroom. Parents: use Word Teasers at the dinner table, in the car, or when waiting for a table at a restaurant!  

  • 150 idioms/conversation starters
  • 3" x 3" cards printed on durable card stock
  • Colorful box with secure lid
  • Fun for the whole family or classroom
  • Excellent for ESL students


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  • Model: OV606

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