Sentence Stretches Card Games: Basic and Advanced

Buy Both Sentence Stretch Games and Save!

  • Sentence Stretches 1 – Basic ($15) 
  • Sentence Stretches 2 – Advanced ($15)

Students ask to play Sentence Stretches again and again! They enjoy expanding their sentences through these innovative and cognitive games. Choose from dozens of subjects and predicates to form a barebones sentence and then maximize your sentence score by adding interesting words, phrases, and clauses to expand your bare bones sentence. Never the same game twice because you use your own ideas to expand the sentences! 

  • 108 cards, including instruction cards, in EACH version
  • Each game contains tons of subjects and predicates. 1 is for younger children; 2 includes more sophisticated subjects and predicates for older students.
  • Choose a subject and its predicate (main verb) to create a barebones sentence.
  • Expand your sentence by creating adjectives and adverbs – at the word, phrase, and clause level.
  • Use a variety of recommended sentence templates to develop students’ sentence skills.
  • Earn more points for better sentences!


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  • Model: WVC230

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