Rhyming Cards: Free Download

Rhyming is an important prerequisite reading skill. When children rhyme, they are manipulating oral language and developing phonemic awareness (awareness of sounds within language). This lays the foundation for written language/literacy development. In fact, studies show a correlation between early rhyming ability and reading preparedness.

Hone rhyming skills with Kendore Learning's free rhyming cards. Featuring 15 pairs of rhyming words. Use the pairs to play memory, go fish (eg, I have 'dog,' do you have 'frog'), and catch with Kendore's Toss and Teach Beach Ball (sold separately). Watch our YouTube video for game ideas and instructions.

Note: Rhyming cards are presented two ways: 6 sets per page for classroom use and 6 different rhyming pairs per page for individual use. Download the whole set and print out the pages that work for your learning situation. 


  • Model: DL400

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