Kendore Kits: Spelling Beads

Lift the lid on exciting multisensory learning! This Kendore Kit includes one 8.5. x 10.5 tin filled with Spelling Beads -- bright orange beads that sparkle and rattle as students write letters and words with their fingers. Spelling Beads transform dictation and spelling exercises into multisensory experiences, providing visual, tactile and auditory feedback to students as they write. The Kit's side walls keep Beads from spilling while still allowing comfortable writing access. A securely fitting lid makes clean up and storage effortless!

Note: Though Kendore Kits are sturdy, they can dent if stacked underneath a heavy object. Take care to protect the tins when carrying in a bookbag with other materials. 

Spelling beads now also sold separately!


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  • Model: KL159

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