Multisensory Activities

Reaching Students Through Multisensory Activities.

Current research tells us that dyslexic students (or any students who struggle) need extensive repetition to cement concepts into memory. We also know that when students’ senses are engaged, repetition time can be substantially reduced. At Kendore Learning, we teach educators how to use multisensory games and activities to effectively teach literacy to dyslexic students as well as to typical learners.

On this page, you’ll find examples of fun and effective multisensory activities, with links to demonstration videos and game instructions.


In this lively game, students race to be the first one to identify and “slap” the sounds they hear. Watch Slap demonstrated in a teacher workshop and in the classroom.


Download Slap Instructions

Hot Lava

Students hop across a pit of “hot lava,” staying safe by jumping on and identifying sounds scattered across the floor.

Download Hot Lava Instructions

Beach Ball Pass

Yes, you can play ball indoors! With Beach Ball Pass, students will have so much fun they’ll forget they are learning.

Download Beach Ball Pass Instructions

Ghost/Cupid Poop Relay

Phonics review has never been so much fun! At Halloween time, kids love racing across the classroom with “ghost poop” as they practice literacy concepts. The game can be changed to cupid poop in February, leprechaun poop in March, and so on.

Download Ghost Poop Relay Instructions

Brain Freeze

Adding a tactile component to learning makes learning stick! Have students “write” their sounds and sight words in ooey, gooey Brain Freeze (or in sand, trays of beans, etc!).